Gas Fitting Services for a Secure and Efficient Home Setup

Are you planning to upgrade your gas appliances or install new ones? Our comprehensive gas fitting service offers a complete solution for all your gas-related needs. Whether it’s installing a new gas barbecue, a cooktop, or setting up a gas supply for a new heater internally or externally, we’ve got you covered!

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals who specialize in gas fitting and installation. We’re committed to ensuring that your gas fittings are installed with the utmost safety and efficiency, ensuring you can enjoy your appliances worry-free.

Our Service Offerings:

  • Installation and Upgrades: We cover a wide range of gas appliance installations, from cooktops to gas barbecues, guaranteeing safe, efficient setups in your home.
  • Gas Supply for Heaters: Whether you’re in need of a new gas supply for a heater indoors or outdoors, we provide comprehensive installation services tailored to your property’s requirements.

Why Choose Us:

  • Professional Expertise: Our knowledgeable technicians guide you through the installation process, from initial discussions to the final setup, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Safety and Compliance: With a commitment to safety and adherence to all necessary regulations, we prioritise secure and compliant gas fittings in your home.

Gas Appliance Services: Expert Installation and Assessment

At evolve Plumbing Services, our dedicated team specialises in the comprehensive installation of various gas appliances in your home or property. We offer a range of services, including:

Professional Installation:

We ensure the safe and efficient installation of gas-based devices, such as cooktops, wall ovens, barbecues, indoor and outdoor gas heaters, as well as hot water heaters and bayonet points. Our experienced plumbers deliver expert service, focusing on safety and compliance.

Expert Guidance:

Our knowledgeable team provides valuable guidance and advice throughout the installation process, ensuring you make informed decisions regarding your gas appliances.

Assessment and Gas Line Expansion:

Should you require additional gas lines for more appliances, Evolve Plumbing Services offers assessment and customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

How We Can Assist:

Contact us to arrange an appointment with our experienced plumbers for installation or assessments related to gas appliances. We are committed to delivering top-quality service to meet your gas appliance needs.

Dealing with Gas Leaks: Prompt Action and Professional Solutions

If you detect the distinct smell of gas within your property, don’t delay! Your immediate actions are critical. Follow these safety measures:

Safety First:

  • Shut OFF the gas supply at the main valve.
  • Ventilate your property by opening windows and doors. Avoid operating electrical switches or any items that could create a spark.

Emergency Assistance:

  • Contact us immediately for prompt support.
  • Our licensed gas fitters will swiftly arrive at your location.

Detection and Resolution:

  • Equipped with specialised tools and expertise, our team will promptly locate and fix the gas leaks.
  • Rest assured, our service will swiftly rectify the issue, allowing you to resume normal gas usage safely.

Why Choose Us for Gas Leak Solutions:

  • Expert Team: Our licensed gas fitters are highly skilled in gas leak detection and resolution.
  • Prompt Response: We prioritize urgent situations and aim to provide rapid solutions.
  • Safety Focus: Your safety is our primary concern, and we address gas leaks promptly and professionally.


Get in Touch: In the event of a gas leak emergency, contact us immediately. We’re available to ensure the safety and security of your property, addressing gas leaks promptly and effectively.

Gas Fitter vs Plumbers

It’s crucial to ensure that the professionals working on your gas-related tasks are specifically qualified as gas fitters. At evolve Plumbing Services, our team comprises Australian licensed plumbers with specialized training in gas fitting, water plumbing, and drainage. This broad expertise allows us to handle an array of gas and water-related tasks efficiently and safely.

Why Choose Our Gas Fitters:

  1. Licensed Professionals: Our gas fitters are licensed and certified, ensuring expertise in gas-related work.
  2. Diverse Expertise: Trained in both gas and water plumbing, our team can handle a wide range of tasks efficiently.
  3. Comprehensive Service: From gas appliance installation to gas leak detection and repair, we cover all your gas-related needs.

Contact Us for Professional Service:

Whether it’s gas-related issues or water plumbing concerns, we’re ready to assist. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team of skilled gas fitters and plumbers is here to provide reliable and professional solutions.