Why is my water pressure low all of a sudden?

If one day you notice your water pressure has dropped then there could be a few reasons for this, firstly check all taps. If the pressure is low everywhere including your shower then this could be something as simple as your mains stop tap not being fully open, If for example there were water mains in your local area being worked on and they had to turn the water off then it may not have been fully opened back up by the contractors. Secondly this could be a sign of a leak, to check this make sure all your water outlets are turned off and then check your water meter if the meter is still moving then this means water is escaping somewhere and you have a leak. If the low pressure is at only one of your taps or shower then this could be a blocked filter or showr head.

Why is my toilet constantly running into the bowl?

 If your toilet is continually running then this means the inlet valve to your cistern has failed and needs to be replaced. In some cases the float can become stuck against the side of the cistern so that it doesn’t shut off in this case it would need some slight re adjustment.

What should I do if a pipe bursts or I get a leak?

1 – Turn the water off at your main stop tap

2 – Assess how much water there is and if the burst/leak is over or around electrics then turn off your power supply.

3 – Call evolve plumbing services and let us come and fix it for you

4 – Take photos as these will come in handy for your insurance claim

My toilet is blocked. What should I do?

If your toilet has been fine and then one day you or a friend or a customer uses the toilet and it becomes blocked then this could be something as simple as too much toilet paper has been used. Some toilets, especially in commercial premises, have signs telling you what not to put down the toilet as their plumbing system may be restricted in some way as to not be able to handle it. If you have a plunger or a stick then you can give the bowl a plunge or a poke and you can try to unblock this by pouring a few buckets of water down the toilet bowl if the blockage is in the S bend of the pan then 99% of the time these methods work and will save you some cash. If the blockage keeps happening then it will be a sign of something more serious so this will be the time you should give evolve plumbing services a call. 

My basin/sink is draining slowly, what can I do?

If the basin in your bathroom or your kitchen sink is draining slower than it used too then this could be something as simple as the trap being clogged up with food, grease, hair, earbuds…….. We’ve found lots of things in traps causing a blockage over the years that should have gone into the bin and not flushed down the drain. You can unscrew the trap being careful not to lose any of the rubbers, be careful not to spill the water, place a bucket or tub underneath to catch water. Then empty the contents of the trap and clean out using warm water. Once done, reconnect the trap making sure all connections are tight. If after doing all this you still have an issue give evolve plumbing service a call and let the professionals take care of it for you.

Why is my water bill gone so high?

If you receive a scary water bill and your usage hasn’t been any different then this could be the sign that you have a leak.

What is Price Match Guarantee, and how do I claim it?

Our Price Match Guarantee means if you get quoted on a job for a lower price than the original quote we give to you, we will match it and take a further 10% off. Simply fill in your details in the Price Match Guarantee form, and one of our friendly team members will get back to you on the same business day. See the Price Match Guarantee page for more details.